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PetaWAM Services

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Onsite Services

Energy Assessment: Measurement of electric, magnetic and radio frequency/microwave fields in a home, car or workplace. The consultation concludes with an overview of the findings and information regarding remedial options.

Exposure Reduction: As time and materials permit, options for shielding and reduction are available for almost every situation.

Rate: $90 per hour with a one hour minimum and a travel fee to locations outside of Sonoma County.

Phone and Email Consultation

Rate: $90 per hour with an 10 minute minimum ($15).

Please note: PetaWAM is not able to provide the services of an electrician or contractor. If such services are required, it is often possible to provide EMF guidance directly to them via phone or email which may come from Michael Neuert, an engineer and licensed electrician who has specialized in EMF reduction since 1992. He is also available for onsite electrical work requiring an EMF consultant. His rates is $150 per hour with a one hour minimum and a travel fee to locations outside of Sonoma County, and an 8 minute minimum for phone or email consultation ($20).

What is Measured

Radio Frequency Fields/Microwaves from microwave ovens and communication devices like cell phones/towers, wifi/bluetooth systems & baby monitors, etc.

Magnetic and Electric Fields from everything connected to electricity: electrical wires in the walls/floors/ceilings, everything plugged into an outlet and the power lines outside. They can even be found on metal water pipes and other metal building materials.

Body Voltage is a very useful type of electric field measurement. It is a measurement of the actual electrical voltages (AC) measured on one’s skin: our bodies act as antennas that pick up the electric fields from almost everything near us that is connected to electrical power (as mentioned above).

Dirty Electricity is the interference in the electricity (micro surges) that can be caused by electronics both inside and out of a building. It “agitates” the electric fields that make contact with our bodies which can make them even more disturbing.